In the nineties Ava Numminen started to ponder how to help people, who have problems in singing in tune, and were often in childhood labelled as poor pitch singers, to find their singing voice. This question widened into a scientific research and an academic dissertation “Helping adult poor pitch singers learn to sing in tune” (2005). In the dissertation, she brought up singing holistically from four standpoints

a) Singing skills as they are understood in a culture

b) Subjective experiences

c) Cognitive processes

d) Physiological processes in singing.

Also, ten people with poor singing skills were taught to sing using KeyToSong methodology. As a result, it was proved that previously poor pitch singers can significantly improve their singing skills. The core result of the study is: anybody at any age can improve their singing skills regardless of previous singing abilities or age. The study is in accordance with prominent other researchers of the domain.

The study raised remarkable interest in Finnish media, and attracted a lot of attention from the public. It became obvious that there is a real need for a new pedagogical teaching approach which led to opening the first KeyToSong (LauluAvain in Finnish) Singing School in Helsinki in 2007.