KeyToSong Today

At the KeyToSong Singing School, we offer singing lessons for individuals, groups and choirs. Currently we have more than 350 students at KeyToSong Singing School in Helsinki. We also train professionals in the health care sector (e.g. nurses, physiotherapists, and care assistants), school and kindergarten teachers, as well as organize business events etc.

The method is continuously developed by our teachers, feedback from our clients and following international singing research. The vocal exercises of the method are energizing and refreshing. They can be carried out by everyone without the ability to sing in tune. Our teachers pay special attention in creating a supportive atmosphere for learning in training groups.

People Behind KeyToSong Pedagogy

Ava Numminen Doctor of Music, singing teacher, licenced psychologist, and principal of the KeyToSong Singing School. Ava has more than 25 years of experience in singing and teaching singing. In 2009-2011 she worked as a leading project coordinator in the Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region under the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. She has also worked as a university lecturer of educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. Recently she was involved in two wide scale scientific studies about how people with a memory disorders benefit from music. She co-operates with the leading Finnish music and brain researchers. Ava is a well-known lecturer and writer, and has given several interviews to press besides the main channels of Finnish television and radio.

Tuula Tenni MA, and singing teacher works as an executive director and trainer at the KeyToSong singing school. Her innovative and enthusiastic working style has been a crucial factor in the success story of the KeyToSong method. Her nursing song workshops to health care professionals, and voice training workshops to teachers are broadly  appreciated, too. Tuula is a qualified lecturer in music and teacher education faculties at several universities in Finland. Additionally she has degrees both in early childhood pedagogy and early childhood music education. She has worked several years as an early childhood music educator.

In our KeyToSong team there are marvellous teachers with solid musician and singing teacher background. They all have deeply internalized the KeyToSong pedagogy, and receive most often excellent feedback from our clients. At the moment the team consists of Heini Honkaniemi, Heidi Kiviharju, Maija Launonen, Teri Mantere, Minna Nyberg, Pauliina Linnosaari-Koistinen, and Susanna Wahl.